How does it work?

  • Our online training

    Follow our training methods designed for you to prepare you for web development.

  • Theory

    Our exercises are preceded by a theoretical part that allows you to understand the new concepts.

  • Practice

    Each exercise allows you to apply these concepts: you write your code and see the result on the platform.

  • Comprehension

    You submit your answer, it is validated, the concept is understood, and you move on to the next exercise!


  • “I did the program of month zero and, therefore, I had an easier time integrating the training than those who had not. It is an excellent way to prepare candidates for what awaits them in training and at their own pace. If the month zero is taken seriously, the first few weeks are significantly easier.”

    Julien C.
  • “Having done the refresher program helped me. The technical terms, in the beginning, are quite difficult to use.”

    S├ębastien B.

Become a genuine Javascript and PHP developer

Month 0

Free of charge and without obligation to upgrade starting with an introduction to HTML

400 hours over 57 days

The training program covers the the 5 most used web technologies : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL

RNCP Certification

The students can become the genuine web developers

Your future career

In the 3W Agency, employed in companies, as a freelancer, startup creation

Come and discover the 3W Academy and meet the instructors.

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